Hello there. My name is Emily and I’m a professional violinist. (“Hi, Emily”)

Just an every-day professional violinist. No, I’m not famous, although (like most of my musician friends) you can easily find me in a google search. So what do professional violinists do? If you’re not a musician, you may know a handful of violinists like Lindsey Stirling or Joshua Bell or even Itzhak Perlman (especially if you are a fan of the 90s film Schindler’s List), but you may not realize how many professional violinists are nearly-anonymously working day in and day out. I started out with lessons at age 3, like most everyone else. I come from a family of professional musicians, so that’s no surprise. I did not have “stage parents”, AKA parents who push their children to win and become famous. I had a love for music and a pretty solid level of self-discipline to try to master this skill. As I grew up, I competed in everything I could that was nearby. I won concerto competitions and became concertmaster of my local orchestras. I attended some incredible summer camps that pushed me hard. I auditioned and got my first professional (paying) symphony job at age 15. For college I attended a prestigious conservatory with an 18% acceptance rate. I managed to become the concertmaster of those orchestras as well and studied with some of the most amazing violinists on earth. I did not aspire to compete internationally though, or to become world-famous and go on tour, etc. I wanted a family. I wanted to be home. I have always chosen my home first and built my career around that instead of the other way around. I have no regrets in that regard. I play the violin because I love music and I love sharing it with people. The only times I will compete is if the end result is getting to play more music that I love and getting to share it with more people. I have always been a hard-worker, but the cause always needs to be worth the effort.

So what do I actually do every day? That is the purpose of this blog. I live a very ordinary life, by freelance professional musician standards. I try to practice every single day. Usually technical work and whatever repertoire I need to perform soon. I teach about 20 private students each week, both at music schools and at home. Otherwise, my schedule is completely and utterly random day-to-day. I play a lot of weddings and parties, I play with orchestras and operas and I play with pop stars and on TV shows and pretty much anything you can imagine that might use a violin. My life, as ordinary as it might be (by professional musician standards, of course), is pretty fun and interesting. I’m excited to share my day-to-day adventures with you.